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Being able to store a variable permanently

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Hi guys I understand that our variables are temporary they are stored in memory while we execute our program but I would like to know if there is a way to make our generated variable to be stored constantly. For example to be able to close our program and when we open it again remember the value we put in the variable.

An example would be. Generate a random number after closing our program open it again. and to be able to show the value of the number that we want to store.

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>


Func Example()

        $number1= Random(1, 6, 1) ;here we generate our first value
        Global Const $number = $number1 ;We save the value to remember it

        MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "The number generated is : " & $number1)
        MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "The number saved is : " & $number) ; This is the number I want it to save and remember after I close the program and reopen it.

EndFunc   ;==>Example

 I hope you understand what I want to do, could you tell me if it is possible to do this? Thanks

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6 hours ago, Dsmoeg999 said:

 I hope you understand what I want to do

PS: In this post you say you want to improve your skills as a programmer. Do read the help file. It'll help.

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45 minutes ago, Dsmoeg999 said:

Do you provide more than just comments ? 😉

This basically sums it up: You aren't clearly putting in any effort for anything before posting. 

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