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TreeView with Checkboxes - which one clicked ?

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Hi hi together,

after two days of searching and trying to solve the prob on my own, the forum is my last help.

I have the feeling that the solution is just a 'one' - liner :"> but we will see...


got a treeview with checkboxes

the user clicks a checkbox -> checkbox changes state automatically


How can i get the ID of the checkbox which changed the state? (I need to modify the parent checkbox)

I don't want to enumerate the boxes when creating them because there will a few hundred of them.

What i can get with GUICtrlRead is the ID of the selected TreeViewItem but how can i get the state of

the corresponding checkbox ?

greets and thx in advance


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The following I believe is what your looking for

$state = GuiCtrlRead(GuiCtrlRead($treeview))
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If BitAnd($state,$GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_CHECKED Then
  ; do what you need to do

of course you could combine that into all one line


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works like a charme.

i knew the $GUI_CHECKED thing but the GUICTRLRead(GUICtrlRead()) was new for me !

thx gafrost :)

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