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Looking for an easy way to merge two arrays

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I'de like to take two arrays and merge them into one.

These are the typical AutoIT arrays, where element 0 is the count so I'd like to take elements 1 - ubound(array) of both arrays and combine them. PHP has a function that does this but I'm hopinn for something like this:


Where $aArray2 would get appended to $aArray1

Worst case, I could just write one....I just may :D


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you'll have to write your own

#include <Array.au3>
Dim $avArray[5]
Dim $avArray2[5]
$avArray[0] = "JPM"
$avArray[1] = "Holger"
$avArray[2] = "Jon"
$avArray[3] = "Larry"
$avArray[4] = "Jeremy"
$avArray2[0] = "Valik"
$avArray2[1] = "Cyberslug"
$avArray2[2] = "Nutster"
$avArray2[3] = "JdeB"
$avArray2[4] = "Tylo"
_ArrayDisplay($avArray, "Whole array")
_ArrayDisplay($avArray2, "Whole Array 2")
_ArrayMerge($avArray, $avArray2)
_ArrayDisplay($avArray, "Updated Array")

Func _ArrayMerge(ByRef $a_base, ByRef $a_add, $i_start = 0)
    Local $x
    For $x = $i_start To UBound($a_add) - 1
        _ArrayAdd($a_base, $a_add[$x])
EndFunc  ;==>_ArrayMerge
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How about this:

Func _ArrayMerge (ByRef $array1, ByRef $array2 )
    _ArrayDelete ( $array1, 0 )
    _ArrayDelete ( $array2, 0 )
    ReDim $array1[UBound($array1) + UBound($array2) ]
    For $x = 0 To UBound($array2) - 1
        $array1[UBound($array1) - UBound($array2) + $x] = $array2[$x]
    ReDim $array1 [UBound($array1) + 1]
    For $x = UBound($array1) - 1 To 1 step -1
        $array1[$x] = $array1[$x - 1]
    $array1[0] = UBound($array1) - 1
    ;~ _ArrayDisplay($array1, "test")
    Return $array1
EndFunc    ;==>_ArrayMerge

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