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I create a robocopy gui Link

I will like to use it with my BartPe but, when I try to select a folder using FileSelectFolder function all it display is a grey window with the ok and cancel buttons, I'm not able to select any folder.

Anybody knows how this function works or if I missing a dll or something else to make this function work under BartPE.

AutoIt Scripts:NetPrinter - Network Printer UtilityRobocopyGUI - GUI interface for M$ robocopy command line

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dunno but maybe it has something to do with the need of IE. :">

So long,


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$ret = FileOpenDialog('Open Config File', "::{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103}", 'Config Files (*.Cfg)', 3)

Can't test now, but maybe "My Documents" isn't defined or doesn't exist in your PE environment?

What do you see in your PE's registry?


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Both lines of FileSelectFolder as used

$ret = FileSelectFolder('Select a source path.', '', 2)
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Since the root dir is not specified, then the Desktop is used. As the environmental variables are different in BartPE, then perhaps AutoIt searching the registry for the desktop cannot be found and the call to shell32.dll is invalid for it to work?

As a workaround if I am right, perhaps specify a root dir like @ScriptDir or use EnvGet to get one of the evironmental variable values to use.

Here is a list of Environmental variables I have recorded.

AllUsersProfile = B:\Documents and Settings\All Users
AutoRun = 1
ComputerName = Minint-JVC
ComSpec = X:\i386\System32\cmd.exe
OS = Windows_NT
Path = X:\i386;X:\i386\System32;X:\Bin
PathExt = .Com;.Exe;.Bat;.Cmd;.Vbs;.Js;.Ws
Prompt = $P$G
RamDrv = B:
SystemDrive = X:
SystemRoot = X:\i386
Temp = B:
Tmp = B:
UserProfile = B:\Documents and Settings\Default User
WinDir = X:\i386

Or try to specifiy a literal like C:\ as you maybe using Robocopy as a backup feature?

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