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Check if Disabled?

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im having some trouble but i have a input box that i have an If Statment to check if it's Enabled but it isnt working...

I also need to check if it is Disabled.

If GUICtrlGetState($Input) = "$GUI_ENABLE" Then
    GUICtrlSetState($Input, $GUI_DISABLE)
The problem is the input state is actually enable and show so try this

If GUICtrlGetState($Input) = $GUI_ENABLE + $GUI_SHOW then

and to check if is disable try

If GUICtrlGetState($Input) = $GUI_DISABLE + $GUI_SHOW then

Edit: Typo

Edited by Danny35d
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Note the use of BitAND :

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

GUICreate("", 100, 40)
$checkbox = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("unchecked", 10, 10, 180, 20)

While 1
    $iMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    If $iMsg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then ExitLoop
    If $iMsg = $checkbox Then
        If BitAND(GUICtrlRead($checkbox), $GUI_CHECKED) Then
            GUICtrlSetData($checkbox, "checked")
            GUICtrlSetData($checkbox, "unchecked")

Btw, on your first line you're trying to compare the value returned by GUICtrlGetState

with a string. Not very important in your example anyway since your method wouldn't

have worked anyway, but keep that in mind to next time.

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Works Perfectly thanks alot!


o i did see ur post when i posted Helge.. idk danny35d's way worked.. i think i may have messed something else up also tho n fixed that on accident :whistle:

Edited by lopolop
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