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check for a process - and if no process - then restart the computer

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hello everyone,

Im trying to find a function that will let me check fore the precsence of a process AKA a running program. And if that process terminates/program is closed then computer restarts or logs off.

Its for a kiosk type computer that should only be running one program.

Thanks for ay ifo!

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If ProcessExists("notepad.exe") Then
    MsgBox(0, "Example", "Notepad is running.")
Shutdown(2) ;reboot

The shutdown code is a combination of the following values:

0 = Logoff

1 = Shutdown

2 = Reboot

4 = Force

8 = Power down

32= Suspend

64= Hibernate

Add the required values together. To shutdown and power down, for example, the code would be 9 (shutdown + power down = 1 + 8 = 9).

Standby or hibernate are ignored if other codes are set. They are also ignored under Win9x.

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i got this to work - but in a very bad way. I need my script to watch continually for the process. So what i did (very stupidly) was create an infinite loop to run my check process script.

It works great - except it uses 100% of CPU.

How can i achieve this without infinite loops? (sorry im not very good!)

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Your script is trying it's best to go thru that loop as fast a possible, resulting in a very

high CPU-usage. The solution is to put a tiny sleep in your loop somewhere. 10 ms is

what I usually use.

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fantastic reply! Thanks alot that was it.

I now have another question - i want to hide the startbar for this kiosk computer, however what would be perfect is to kill the explorer.exe process.

Problem is when i kill the process with ProcessClose windows regenerates it and brings back the startbar and the like.

Anyone have same porbles,?


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you can set the sleep command to 500 ms I gues.

and check this .

Opt ("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

Sleep (5000)

So long,


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