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an input box thats uneditable?

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I am building a text based adventure with a gui with multiple commands like go left, go right, pick up item or something like that, i need a counter for how many times a button was clicked counting down, ive tried making an updown and having the maximum and minimum on 100 but have another button that would -1 to it but it is still editable... can this be done elsewise?

i have tried:



$count = GuiCtrlCreateInput("200",860, 600, 50, 25,$ES_READONLY)

but didnt work out

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#include <GUIConstants.au3>

GUICreate(" My GUI input", 320,120)
$input = GUICtrlCreateInput ( "", 10,  5, 300, 20)
$btn = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Ok", 40,  75, 60, 20)
GUICtrlSendMsg($input, $EM_SETREADONLY, True, 0)
GUICtrlSetBkColor($input, 0xFFFFFF)

GUISetState () 
GUICtrlSetData($input,"my disabled input")
$msg = 0
While $msg <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
       $msg = GUIGetMsg()
           Case $msg = $btn

MsgBox (4096, "Result", GUICtrlRead($input))

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