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Structs, Structs, and more Structs

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This is the script as it is now. It will list the file(s) (directories and wildcards are supported, as dir allows). I have yet to write the adlib to update the sizes. And the sorting is funky.

Sorry about the sorting, wasn't sure if the logic was correct, this should fix it.

$val3 = 0
    $val4 = 0
    ; If it is the 2nd colum (columns starts with 0)
    $val1 = GetSubItemText($listview, $nItem1, $nColumn)
    $val2 = GetSubItemText($listview, $nItem2, $nColumn)

    If $nColumn = 1 Then
        $val1 = Number($val1)
        $val2 = Number($val2)
        $val3 = GetSubItemText($listview, $nItem1, $nColumn + 1)
        $val4 = GetSubItemText($listview, $nItem2, $nColumn + 1)
    ElseIf $nColumn = 2 Then
        $val3 = Number(GetSubItemText($listview, $nItem1, $nColumn - 1))
        $val4 = Number(GetSubItemText($listview, $nItem2, $nColumn - 1))

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


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