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Need help speeding up array loading.

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Been awhile since I've been here, hope all is well.

I'm working on a script that will load a list of words into an array. It works fine, but it is rather slow. I'm looking for anyway to optimize it:

Func _LoadListToArray($sz_filename, ByRef $a_array,$i_wordsize)
    Local $i = 0
    Local $error = 0
    Local $tempword = ""
    Local $h_file = FileOpen($sz_filename,0)
    If ($h_file == -1) Then
        ;If FileOpen failed, it sets the handle to -1.
        $error = 1
    ;The FileReadLine() function will set @error to -1 if EOF is reached or 1 if there is some other error (e.g. No read permissions or missing file)
    While ($error == 0)
        $tempword = FileReadLine($h_file)
        $error = @error
        If ($error <> 0) Then
        $i = $i + 1     ;Incrementer for line counting
        If (StringLen($tempword) <> $i_wordsize) Then
            If (MsgBox(4,"Error: " & $sz_filename,"Line #" & $i & " has more or less than " & $i_wordsize & " characters!" & @CRLF & "Continue loading?") == 7) Then    ;If they pressed "NO"
                $error = -1 ;We can set our own error code, but for simplicity, I'm going to use EOF error.
            ;Word size is correct, let's add it to our array.
            _ArrayAdd($a_array, $tempword)
        $tempword = ""  ;Clear our temp variable for next word.
        Sleep(1)        ;Don't hog the CPU!!!
    ;Let's parse our error codes:
        Case $error == -1   ;EOF error
            MsgBox(0,"Completed loading file.", "Lines read in: " & $i)
        Case $error == 1    ;File read error
            MsgBox(0,"Error!", "An error occurred while trying to read from file: " & $sz_filename)
        Case $error == 0
            MsgBox(0,"Error!", "File read ended abruptly with no error code?!?")
        Case Else
            MsgBox(0,"Error!", "Unknown error code: " & $error)
    FileClose($h_file)      ;Don't forget to close the file.

It takes a good 5 seconds to read in 101 lines and the other 2 files I have are in the range of 20,000 lines. Any clues on a better/faster way to approach this?



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did you try : _FileReadToArray ?

So long,


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