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Splitting on spaces using StringSplit

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Hi everyone,

2 things -

Question #1

Is there a way to redirect output from a program to an array instead of a file then reading the file into an array?

If I use a line like this:

Dim $array
$array = RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'c:\temp\check\psexec.exe \\' & $psiservers[$x] & ' -s -c process.exe -c |findstr -i powersi', 'c:\temp\check', @SW_HIDE)oÝ÷ Øw«z+ìZ^¡ûazËkxßÙ­¯(§Ú,¦X­¶¬¥§²­¡øì^ï^´ßÍ5óý=ÿm4ëm6×mÁ« ¢)à¶h¢a® Mú²b¶·¦¢ø§©e¶rzW¦z{+a²¶§X¤y«­¢+Ù½ÈÀÌØíÈôÄѼÀÌØíÍÁ±¥ÑlÁt(%ÀÌØíÍÁ±¥ÑlÀÌØíÉtôÅÕ½ÐìÅÕ½ÐìQ¡¸(}ÉÉå±Ñ ÀÌØíÍÁ±¥Ð°ÀÌØíȤ(¹%)9áÐ

This bombed with some "Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded" errors so then I tried using UBound($split)-1 instead of $split[0] but got the same errors.

I figured I must be doing something wrong as I'm sure many of you do this all the time; so here I am :).

Any help offered is appreciated.


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1. look at StdoutRead

2. you already have

$split = StringSplit("7160 3 8 0 18/09/2006 20:21:20"," ")
For $x = 1 To $split[0]
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1. Thanks for the StdoutRead tip, I'm checking into that.

2. When I pasted in the line I was splitting to the forum post earlier it cut out all the reoccurring spaces for some reason. So, while StringSplit may remove some of the spaces it does not remove them all. I still end up with many spaces in $split. Here is an example of what the array looks like after I do the StringSplit:








[7]= gen.exe


[9]= 7160


...empty elements to 16

[16] = 3

...empty elements to 24

[24] = 8

[25] =

[26] =

[27] = 0

[28] =

[29] = 18/09/2006

[30] = 20:21:20

The problem is these empty elements change on me from iteration to iteration, [30] may not contain the time but instead will contain an empty element or no element at all. :)

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$split = StringSplit(StringStripWS("7160       3           8 0 18/09/2006 20:21:20",4)," ")
For $x = 1 To $split[0]

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