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2 gui that can contain each other's info even after exiting

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ok, so I have a music player, and I want it to be able to minimize to a smaller window, like Windows Media Player, but when I click the user button for it, it loses the song info it had on the maximized version, and vice versa, iss there a way I could NOT stop the music when transfering? and still have the same address?


#include <GuiConstants.au3>

GuiCreate("The Paradox- Music Player by Kyle Moy", 550, 60,-1, -1 , BitOR($WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS))

$Input_2 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 10, 10, 530, 20)
$Button_3 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Play", 10, 30, 30, 20)
$Button_4 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Stop", 40, 30, 30, 20)
$Button_5 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Mute", 70, 30, 30, 20)
$Button_6 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("EXIT", 510, 30, 30, 20)
$Input_8 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 480, 30, 30, 20)
$Slider_7 = GuiCtrlCreateSlider(100, 30, 380, 20)
SplashImageOn ("","PARADOX.BMP", 550, 120, 0, 0, 1)
WinSetOnTop ( "The Paradox- Music Player by Kyle Moy", "", 1)
$trackmenu = GuiCtrlCreateContextMenu ()
$aboutitem = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("About",$trackmenu)
$readme = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("Read Me File",$trackmenu)
$Minimize = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("Minimize",$trackmenu)
GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("",$trackmenu)
$exititem = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("Exit",$trackmenu)

While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
        If $msg = $exititem Or $msg = -3 Or $msg = -1 Then ExitLoop
    If $msg = $aboutitem Then Msgbox(0,"About The Paradox","The Paradox- Music Player was made by Kyle Moy(Vindicator) In October,2006")
If $msg = $readme Then Run("notepad.exe Read Me.ini")
If $msg = $Minimize Then Run("Paradoxmini.exe") Exit
        Case $msg = $Button_4
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_3, $GUI_ENABLE)
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_4, $GUI_DISABLE)
        Run("The Paradox.exe")
        Case $msg = $Button_3
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_4, $GUI_ENABLE)
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_3, $GUI_DISABLE)
    Case $msg = $Button_5
        If $Mute=1 Then
    Case $msg = $Button_6
        Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    Case Else
oÝ÷ Øȧh³yÖ®¶­s`¢6æ6ÇVFRfÇC´wV6öç7FçG2æS2fwC° ¤wV7&VFRgV÷C´×uTgV÷C²ÂRÂÂÓÂÓÂ&"b33cµu5ôõdU$ÄTEtäDõrÂb33cµu5ô4Ä4$Ääu2 ¢b33c´'WGFöåóÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT'WGFöâgV÷C²fwC²gV÷C²ÂÂÂ#Â#¢b33c´'WGFöåó"ÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT'WGFöâgV÷Cµ²ÒgV÷C²Â#ÂÂ#Â#¢b33c´'WGFöåó2ÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT'WGFöâgV÷C´WBgV÷C²ÂCÂÂ3Â#¢b33c·G&6¶ÖVçRÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT6öçFWDÖVçR¢b33c¶&÷WFFVÒÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C´&÷WBgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¢b33c·&VFÖRÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷Cµ&VBÖRfÆRgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¢b33c´ÖÖ¦RÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C´ÖÖ¦RgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¤wV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C²gV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¢b33c¶WFFVÒÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C´WBgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¤wV6WE7FFR¥vÆR b33c¶×6rÒwVvWD×6r bb33c¶×6rÒb33c¶WFFVÒ÷"b33c¶×6rÒÓ2÷"b33c¶×6rÒÓFVâWDÆö÷ bb33c¶×6rÒb33c¶&÷WFFVÒFVâ×6v&÷ÂgV÷C´&÷WBFR&F÷gV÷C²ÂgV÷CµFR&F÷Ò×W62ÆW"v2ÖFR'·ÆRÖ÷fæF6F÷"âö7Fö&W"Ã#bgV÷C²¤bb33c¶×6rÒb33c·&VFÖRFVâ'VâgV÷C¶æ÷FWBæWR&VBÖRæægV÷C²¤bb33c¶×6rÒb33c´ÖÖ¦RFVâ'VâgV÷Cµ&F÷æWRgV÷C²W@ 6VÆV7@ 66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´'WGFöåó  uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåó2Âb33c´uTôTä$ÄR uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåóBÂb33c´uTôD4$ÄR 'VâgV÷CµFR&F÷æWRgV÷C² W@ 66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´'WGFöåó uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåóBÂb33c´uTôTä$ÄR uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåó2Âb33c´uTôD4$ÄR b33c´×W66g&öÖ6ö×ÔuT7G&Å&VBb33c´çWEó" 6÷VæEÆb33c´×W66g&öÖ6ö×  66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´'WGFöåó0¢W@ 66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´uTôUdTåEô4Äõ4P WDÆö÷ 66RVÇ6P ³³° VæE6VÆV7@¥tVæ@¤W@


In Line 15:

SplashImageOn ("","PARADOX.BMP", 550, 120, 0, 0, 1)

How can I make it borderless and title less but still be able to click and drag? Ive tried flag: 116 but it has the bar at the top

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You may want to only have one script instead of 2. Also, what you could do is hide the GUI when you use the minimize, and have the other one changed to a show status. That way you could still use both GUI, and keep the information intact.

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yes when minimized you could check the time with _soundpos and then store it in a variable and do a _soundseek, but i dont see the probelm why not just keep the music playing from the maximized one and just be doing a _soundpos and setting the time?

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