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2 gui that can contain each other's info even after exiting

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ok, so I have a music player, and I want it to be able to minimize to a smaller window, like Windows Media Player, but when I click the user button for it, it loses the song info it had on the maximized version, and vice versa, iss there a way I could NOT stop the music when transfering? and still have the same address?


#include <GuiConstants.au3>

GuiCreate("The Paradox- Music Player by Kyle Moy", 550, 60,-1, -1 , BitOR($WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS))

$Input_2 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 10, 10, 530, 20)
$Button_3 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Play", 10, 30, 30, 20)
$Button_4 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Stop", 40, 30, 30, 20)
$Button_5 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Mute", 70, 30, 30, 20)
$Button_6 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("EXIT", 510, 30, 30, 20)
$Input_8 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 480, 30, 30, 20)
$Slider_7 = GuiCtrlCreateSlider(100, 30, 380, 20)
SplashImageOn ("","PARADOX.BMP", 550, 120, 0, 0, 1)
WinSetOnTop ( "The Paradox- Music Player by Kyle Moy", "", 1)
$trackmenu = GuiCtrlCreateContextMenu ()
$aboutitem = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("About",$trackmenu)
$readme = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("Read Me File",$trackmenu)
$Minimize = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("Minimize",$trackmenu)
GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("",$trackmenu)
$exititem = GuiCtrlCreateMenuitem ("Exit",$trackmenu)

While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
        If $msg = $exititem Or $msg = -3 Or $msg = -1 Then ExitLoop
    If $msg = $aboutitem Then Msgbox(0,"About The Paradox","The Paradox- Music Player was made by Kyle Moy(Vindicator) In October,2006")
If $msg = $readme Then Run("notepad.exe Read Me.ini")
If $msg = $Minimize Then Run("Paradoxmini.exe") Exit
        Case $msg = $Button_4
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_3, $GUI_ENABLE)
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_4, $GUI_DISABLE)
        Run("The Paradox.exe")
        Case $msg = $Button_3
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_4, $GUI_ENABLE)
        GUICtrlSetState ($Button_3, $GUI_DISABLE)
    Case $msg = $Button_5
        If $Mute=1 Then
    Case $msg = $Button_6
        Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    Case Else
oÝ÷ Øȧh³yÖ®¶­s`¢6æ6ÇVFRfÇC´wV6öç7FçG2æS2fwC° ¤wV7&VFRgV÷C´×uTgV÷C²ÂRÂÂÓÂÓÂ&"b33cµu5ôõdU$ÄTEtäDõrÂb33cµu5ô4Ä4$Ääu2 ¢b33c´'WGFöåóÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT'WGFöâgV÷C²fwC²gV÷C²ÂÂÂ#Â#¢b33c´'WGFöåó"ÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT'WGFöâgV÷Cµ²ÒgV÷C²Â#ÂÂ#Â#¢b33c´'WGFöåó2ÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT'WGFöâgV÷C´WBgV÷C²ÂCÂÂ3Â#¢b33c·G&6¶ÖVçRÒwV7G&Ä7&VFT6öçFWDÖVçR¢b33c¶&÷WFFVÒÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C´&÷WBgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¢b33c·&VFÖRÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷Cµ&VBÖRfÆRgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¢b33c´ÖÖ¦RÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C´ÖÖ¦RgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¤wV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C²gV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¢b33c¶WFFVÒÒwV7G&Ä7&VFTÖVçVFVÒgV÷C´WBgV÷C²Âb33c·G&6¶ÖVçR¤wV6WE7FFR¥vÆR b33c¶×6rÒwVvWD×6r bb33c¶×6rÒb33c¶WFFVÒ÷"b33c¶×6rÒÓ2÷"b33c¶×6rÒÓFVâWDÆö÷ bb33c¶×6rÒb33c¶&÷WFFVÒFVâ×6v&÷ÂgV÷C´&÷WBFR&F÷gV÷C²ÂgV÷CµFR&F÷Ò×W62ÆW"v2ÖFR'·ÆRÖ÷fæF6F÷"âö7Fö&W"Ã#bgV÷C²¤bb33c¶×6rÒb33c·&VFÖRFVâ'VâgV÷C¶æ÷FWBæWR&VBÖRæægV÷C²¤bb33c¶×6rÒb33c´ÖÖ¦RFVâ'VâgV÷Cµ&F÷æWRgV÷C²W@ 6VÆV7@ 66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´'WGFöåó  uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåó2Âb33c´uTôTä$ÄR uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåóBÂb33c´uTôD4$ÄR 'VâgV÷CµFR&F÷æWRgV÷C² W@ 66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´'WGFöåó uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåóBÂb33c´uTôTä$ÄR uT7G&Å6WE7FFRb33c´'WGFöåó2Âb33c´uTôD4$ÄR b33c´×W66g&öÖ6ö×ÔuT7G&Å&VBb33c´çWEó" 6÷VæEÆb33c´×W66g&öÖ6ö×  66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´'WGFöåó0¢W@ 66Rb33c¶×6rÒb33c´uTôUdTåEô4Äõ4P WDÆö÷ 66RVÇ6P ³³° VæE6VÆV7@¥tVæ@¤W@


In Line 15:

SplashImageOn ("","PARADOX.BMP", 550, 120, 0, 0, 1)

How can I make it borderless and title less but still be able to click and drag? Ive tried flag: 116 but it has the bar at the top

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yes when minimized you could check the time with _soundpos and then store it in a variable and do a _soundseek, but i dont see the probelm why not just keep the music playing from the maximized one and just be doing a _soundpos and setting the time?

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