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Noob Question on How to Write Macros (COLOR)

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I am new to writting macros I have a question, I already finish writting a simple macros, but I am hoping it can have the activate and deactivate reading a color location from a X,Y Location if it changes the RGB color.

can anyone help me how to add that script in? Please.

Iam thinking something with like below I just don't know what the script codes are.

Read X,Y location, if X,Y location = RGB color 00ff00

then macros Pause

Read X,Y location, if X. Y location not = RGB color 00ff00

Macros Continues (unPause)

Please help me.



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$X = 100
$Y = 100
$_Color = 0xFFFFFF

While 1
    $color = PixelGetColor($x, $y)
    If Hex($color) = $_color Then
        While Hex($color) = $_color
            $color = PixelGetColor($x, $y)
            ToolTip("Macros are paused",0,0)
        ;Macros Here

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