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Need help with OleCreatePictureIndirect

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Seems I am doing something wrong with OleCreatePictureIndirect but I cant pin it down , Tried Autoit debugger and Olly Debugger ut cant seem to catch this function.

dim $myPicObject
; Screenshot via Dll

$hwnd = DllCall("user32.dll","hwnd","GetDesktopWindow") 
; get handle to entire screen 

$DC = DllCall("user32.dll","ptr","GetWindowDC","hwnd",$hwnd[0]) 
; get device context for picture information

$lpRect = DllStructCreate("int;int;int;int") 
; create DllStruct for GetWindowRect call

; get coordinates from upper-left and lower-right corner

$cDC = DllCall("gdi32.dll","ptr","CreateCompatibleDC","ptr",$DC[0]) 
; create compatible DC

$hbmp = DllCall("gdi32.dll","hwnd","CreateCompatibleBitmap","ptr",$DC[0],"int",DllStructGetData($lpRect,3),"int",DllStructGetData($lpRect,3))
; create compatible bitmap

; select bitmap to device context

; copy picture information from the screen to device context in memory

; break for doing anything on screen

; restore previous saved screen

DllCall("user32.dll","int","ReleaseDC","hwnd",$hwnd[0],"ptr",$cDC[0]); release device context for use by other apps

DllCall("user32.dll","int","ReleaseDC","hwnd",$hwnd[0],"ptr",$DC[0]); release device context for use by other apps

$myPic = DllStructCreate ( "uint;uint;uint;uint;uint")
DllStructSetData($myPic,3, $hbmp)

$myIID = DllStructCreate ( "uint;ushort;ushort;ubyte;ubyte;ubyte;ubyte;ubyte;ubyte;ubyte;ubyte")

DllStructSetData ($myIID , 1 , 0x20400 )        
DllStructSetData ( $myIID , 4 ,0xC0 )
DllStructSetData ( $myIID , 11 , 0x46 )
DllCall ( "olepro32.dll" , "int" , "OleCreatePictureIndirect" , "ptr" , DllStructGetPtr($myPic) , "ptr" , DllStructGetPtr($myIID) , "int" , 1 , "ptr" , $myPicObject )
DllCall ( "oleaut32.dll" , "uint" , "OleSavePictureFile" , "ptr" , $myPicObject , "wstr" , "MYBMPFILE.BMP" )

Any help would be appricatied ;)

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I could have swore I've seen this code already once today... We use int for uint... and you'll want to check other syntax as well.



Not quite sure what you were trying to accomplish with Olly Debugger though.

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