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Deleting Cookies in Internet Explorer


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I'd like a simple script for deleting my IE cookies.

It should be straight forward:

open IE

->&Tools->Internet &Options->Delete Cook&ies

click on "OK"


Here's my attempt:

Run( "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE http://www.msn.com" )

WinWaitActive( "MSN.com" )

; -> &Tools -> Internet &Options -> Delete Cook&ies

Send( "!t" )

Send( "!o" )

Send( "!i" )

; click on the yes button with Control ID 1

ControlClick( "Delete Cookies", "Delete all cookies", 1 )

; -> &File -> &Close

Send( "!f" )

Send( "!c" )

All I get the windows "doh" sound that you get when you do something invalid. ;)

Any suggestions?

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It wouldn't let me do that.

Always claims the files are in use by another process.

That why I'm trying to do it via the IE menus...

in orderr for it to work hit ctrl+alt+delete, and end the process of any explorer.exe or iexplorer.exe in processes tab, that being to much work, jsut use mousemove and mouse click to the given coords:

MouseClick("left", x, y) ;coords to click on start menu

MouseClick("left", x, y) ;coords to click on internet explorer

sleep(7500) ; waits for internet explorer to laod

MouseClick("left", x, y) ;tools tools menu

MouseClick("left", x, y) ; clicks on internet options

Sleep(1000) ;Wait for window to load

MouseClick("left", x, y) ;clicks delete cookies

Use this code to find the coords:

    $pos = MouseGetPos()    
    tooltip($pos[0] & "." & $pos[1], 0, 0)
Until $pos[0] = 0 and $pos[1] = 0

(bring mouse to top left (0, 0) of screen to stop/end script

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