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WinActive question

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WinActive is a command for windows

is there a command similar to WinActive for context menus?

in other words, to check whether a context (right click) menu is active


PS: I want to autochoose a context menu entry automatically when a context menu appears

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Good question - context menus don't seem to show up as a visible window in the WinList script from the help file - but they are "seen" by the Pixel... functions like PixelGetColor. You would have to check an offset from the mouse position and in all four quadrants that the context menu could appear in (unless you know that it will always be in the same place relative to your rightclick.)

Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?

While 1
    $pos = MouseGetPos()
    $x = $pos[0] + 30
    $y = $pos[1] - 30
    ToolTip(PixelGetColor($x, $y), $x, $y)


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