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Ok, I'm working on a program somewhere between Notepad and Word, it'll probably end up similar to Wordpad, but I need some help.

I'm stuck on a few things. First is 'Fix captilization' it corrects your capital letters, but when it replaces them, the only way I could think of was to have it select that letter and then send the keystroke of the correct letter. So the problem with that is, it may leave your cursor in an odd place on the page... Here's that code:

Func CapCheck()
    $SentenceStart = 1
    $text = StringSplit(ControlGetText($mainWnd, "", $TextBox), "")
    For $i = 1 to $text[0]
        If $text[$i] = '.' or $text[$i] = '!' or $text[$i] = '?' Then $SentenceStart = 1
        If $text[$i] <> " " and $text[$i] <> "." and $text[$i] <> "!" and $text[$i] <> "?" Then
            If $SentenceStart = 1 Then
                $SentenceStart = 0
                If StringIsLower($text[$i]) Then
                    _GUICtrlEditSetSel($TextBox, $i-1, $i)

I can't use the replace function or else things like:

"well, crap, this isn't working well"

would correct both 'well's, not just one (or correct the wrong one).

Any ideas?

That's all I'll ask for now, I'll try to fix the other minor issues until someone helps me with this. Thanks!

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