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Looks like in SCiTE it's using the Win XP theme, but when I run it from the folder its using some old Win 98 or 2000 theme.

What happens when you compile? (Ctrl+F7)

Same thing.

You must have specified another version in Scite than the one that's used when starting it from

explorer. Put the following code on the top of your code and run it from both Scite and explorer.

MsgBox(64, "", @AutoItVersion)
Same version. Edited by Dae
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The one on the left is using XP styles with rounded corners the one on the right isn't, it's using classic windows styles

Yes, I know that, and I actually mentioned that. The question is why? I want the program to be using win xp styles when run from the folder, like when its run from SciTE.

All my windows are using the win styles, except this program when I run it from the folder. I had both of those windows beside eachother in the screenshot, I didn't copy and paste them together.

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DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", "int", 1)

try putting this in the top...

when you change the 1 into a 0 it will use the old styles..


That made it old style when run from both SciTE and the folder. I tried using 0 instead of 1 too, but no go. That statement makes it appear old style.
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Well the next question is does it do the same on someone elses computer.

I'd hazzard a guess at no, in which case it must be a setting in your computer that is stopping the xp theme


I don't have any settings to use the old theme. Everything is set to xp theme.

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