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Help with running a file from a drive mapping.

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Try this... not tested.

$objFirewall = ObjCreate("HNetCfg.FwMgr")
$objPolicy = $objFirewall.LocalPolicy.CurrentProfile
$objPolicy.FirewallEnabled = FALSE
Not at work to try this but...

The firewall is disabled for ALL XP SP2 PC's...plus our client PC's that this program will run on are all SP1.

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OK...I'm going crazy over this! :)

Can someone else chime in here and give me thier thoughts? :D

In a nut shell, I'm trying to run a program from a mapped drive location, but when I use the RUN command, I get the error message "unable to execute the external program".

Here is the code:

DriveMapAdd("W:", $server, 0, $username, $password)
If FileExists("W:\HATScanner.exe") Then
    MsgBox(4096, "", "HATScanner exists.")
    MsgBox(4096,"", "HATScanner does not exist.")
Run("HATScanner.exe", "W:")oÝ÷ Ù«2¢çÇ"»§j׬¶Ú,yè¶WÆ+-±©ÝÖ¥Á¬¬r±¶Úîy»­"­jw«®èØ^EC¢iÒ!j÷½éí®'ºÈ§«­¢+ÙIÕ¸ ÅÕ½ÐíèÀäÈí!QM¹¹È¹áÅÕ½Ðì°ÅÕ½ÐíèÅÕ½Ðì¤

Is there something I'm missing with the RUN command or using it in conjunction with a drive mapping? :D :D

I'm greatful for any assistance or ideas. :P

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I've found a work around...I'm not going to use a drive mapping to a spacific drive letter. I didn't really need the drive letter except for a small step in the script, so I'm just going to delete that additional informational step and work without a drive letter. :D

This is what I reverted to...

DriveMapAdd("", $server, 0, $username, $password)

Thank you to everyone that joined in and helped out with their thoughts. :)

See ya next time and thanks for the help! :D

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