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AutoIt Scite Editor - customizing background and highlight colors

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Apparently the Scite website doesn't list all the properties for configuring the editor color settings, etc.

There was a FAQ that asked how to set background black and text white, so that solved part of my problem.


But there was none on how to turn off current line highlighting or change its default color. How do I do that? Anyone know?

Would be nice if there was a list of properties posted somewhere that describe what changing the properties will do.

JEdit is so much easier to configure background, text, caret, and current line highlight coloring.

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If you are editing an .au3 file in SciTE, you may have a tool called SciTE Config located under the Tools menu.

If you do, this utility may help you get what you're looking for.

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Had the same problem some days ago when I started to use scipe.

Get the newest version of the official AutoIt-scipe here: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/

Then install it and when you edit a AutoIt script with it press Ctrl + 1, there you can change all the colors nice and smooth.

The reason I tell you to download it even though it is included with AutoIt is that somehow changing the colors didn't work for me with the bundled scipe... no idea why though.

Edited by Xenthalon

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There's no SciTE Config under Tools menu. I'm using the AutoIt bundled version of Scite.

Thanks for the tip Xenthalon. But do I have to do that everytime I edit a script or just do the color configuration once?

The AutoIt bundle package should be synchronized with the standalone Scite for AutoIt. It is sad that the stand alone version would allow color changing more easier but bundled version would not. I haven't tested Xenthalon's tip yet though. I'm weary of installing a standalone version or downloading that again.

Maybe in the future but for now, I think I'll stick with JEdit.

It is also sad that the SciTe community only lets you post requests & bugs by "joining" the mailing list. And while they have a FAQ and developer documentation, somehow they omitted the properties specification for defining editor coloring and syntax highlighting stuff, etc.

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I've worked with the SciTe editor, and what you are asking for is easy to do. It just takes some research on your part to find it.

You can do the following. (It is from the SciTe help file)

To change the Font or Colors that SciTE use when editing an AutoIt3 script press Ctrl+1 within SciTE, the below screen will popup.

Change anything you like and press the Update button to save all changes to SciteUser.Properties.

To revert back to the last saved changes click Reset.

To remove all your changes and goback to the defaults click on Remove.

The program will ask to restart SciTE to activate your changes.

The SciTe editor works just fine. I understand you want to customize it to suit your taste, but you shouldn't be posting things that state it's not set up correctly. The fact you didn't read the helpfile is your own doing. Please read the helpfile, and try to follow what it says.

here is a screenshot of what you want to fix so you can do what you want. Again, it explains this in the helpfile.:

Everything you want to do is in the helpfile. It is pretty strait forward.

Edited by Jon

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