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detect when user introduce a pen drive


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hi !

is there a way to detect this event :(i.e: pen drive introducing) ? both win 2000 and xp



$var = DriveGetDrive("REMOVABLE")

While 1
        Case Not $var[0] = DriveGetDrive("REMOVABLE")
            MsgBox(0, "Drive", "A removeable drive was inserted.")
        Case Else

Edit: Woah! What im i on... Edited code. UNTESTED!!

Edited by bert
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I played a bit with GUIRegisterMsg and some message I can't remember the name of at the moment...maybe WM_DEVICECHANGE.

It worked for me, but I'm pretty certain it also fires on other events as well, so try googling it a bit and I'm sure you'll find something

interesting concerning pen-drives.

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