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Scroll lock as Hotkey? Is it posible?

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Hi. I searched trough help files, and I found that only way for Scroll Lock key to become hotkey is trough _IsPressed command. But is there another way, couse I have issues with this command (doesn't work allways, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't).

And my other question is: is it posible to lock keyboard trought script for some time, for example, I made

func test()
Send("This is test text, if something wen't wrong this text will not display")

so, when i start "test" func. it will start writing this txt, but while' it's writing it if I press any key from keyboard, the key will be included inside of that test text, so my solution is to lock keyboard untill the auto-text is finished, but I don't know how to lock it. So, is it posible?

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ScrollLock doesn't work as hotkey ? Hmm, I think you misunderstood what's said then.

HotKeySet("{scrolllock}", "hvafaen")

While 1

Func hvafaen()
    MsgBox(64, "", "?")

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