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Simple Function to see how many times a value exists in a string

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Came across an issue where I needed to see how many times a value appeared in a string. I could not find anything pre-written for this, so I wrote a simple function to count how many times a sub string appears in a string. Hope someone finds this useful.

#include <Array.au3>

$STRING_TO_CHECK = "You are the sunshine of my life. Sunshine is needed for plants to grow."

$STRING_TO_LOOK_FOR = "sunshine"







$HOW_MANY = UBound(StringSplit(StringUpper($STR_TO_SEARCH), StringUpper($STR_WANT_TO_FIND), 1))


Return $HOW_MANY -2


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; RegExp String occurrences

Global $s = "Hello World, I will count letters or Numbers like 1,2,3. And so on. 111!"

MsgBox(0, "", _stringCount($s, "z"))
MsgBox(0, "", _stringCount($s, "1"))
MsgBox(0, "", _stringCount($s, "num", 1)) ; Case-insensitivity flag.

Func _stringCount($string, $toFind, $case = "(?-i)", $startPosition = 0)
    If $case = 1 Then $case = "(?i)"
    Local $count = StringRegExp($string, $case & $toFind, 3, $startPosition)
    Switch @error
        Case 0
            If IsArray($count) Then Return UBound($count)
        Case 1
            If Not IsArray($count) Then Return 0
        Case 2
            Return -1
EndFunc   ;==>_stringCount

Func StringOccurrences($data, $str, $case, $c = 1)
    While StringInStr($data, $str, 0, $c)
        $c += 1
    Return $c
EndFunc   ;==>StringOccurrences

So long,


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The example in the help file does look simpler :whistle:

$text = StringReplace("this is a line of text", " ", " ")
$numreplacements = @extended
MsgBox(0, "New string is", $text)
MsgBox(0, "The number of replacements done was", $numreplacements)

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