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recycle bin functions

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heres some functions i just whipped up, _FileRecycleBinGetSize() returns the amount of space the files in there are taking up in KB's, it should be accurate and as far as i know, (i've looked everywhere) theres no other way to see how much space it's taken up.. so this might be useful.

the other one _FileRecycleBinGetContents() returns a 2 deminsional array with all files in the recycle bin, and some extended info, e.g. date deleted, filesize, ect..

i might look into more functions later, or whatever anyways..

big thanks to the guys who helped in this topic: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43168

ok off to bed.. : :whistle:

msgbox(0,'Recycle bin size', _FileRecycleBinGetSize() & " KB")

$reccon = _FileRecycleBinGetContents()

For $y = 1 To  $reccon[0][0]
    Msgbox(0,'Recyclebin contents', _
            $reccon[$y][0] &@lf& $reccon[$y][1] &@lf& _
            $reccon[$y][2] &@lf& $reccon[$y][3] &@lf& _
            $reccon[$y][4] &@lf& $reccon[$y][5] &@lf& _
            $reccon[$y][6] &@lf& $reccon[$y][7] &@lf& _
            $reccon[$y][8] &@lf& $reccon[$y][9] &@lf& _
            $reccon[$y][10] &@lf )
    If $y = 10 Then ExitLoop

Func _FileRecycleBinGetSize()
    Local Const $RECYCLE_BIN = 10 
    Local Const $FILE_SIZE = 3
    Local $objShell = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
    Local $objFolder = $objShell.Namespace($RECYCLE_BIN)
    Local $colItems = $objFolder.Items
    Local $strSize, $intSize, $arrSize
    If IsObj($objShell) And Not @error Then
        For $objItem in $colItems
            $strSize = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, $FILE_SIZE)
            $intSize += StringRegExpReplace($strSize,'\D','')
        Return $intSize
    Return SetError(1,0,-1)

Func _FileRecycleBinGetContents()
    Local Const $RECYCLE_BIN = 10
    Local $objShell,$objFolder,$objFolderItem, $colItems
    Local $aArray[2][15], $y = 1
    $objShell = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
    $objFolder = $objShell.Namespace($RECYCLE_BIN)
    $objFolderItem = $objFolder.Self
    ;MsgBox (0, "", $objFolderItem.Path)
    $colItems = $objFolder.Items
    If IsObj($objShell) And Not @error Then
        For $objItem in $colItems
            $aArray[$y][0] = $objItem.Name
            $aArray[$y][1] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 1) ;name
            $aArray[$y][2] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 2) ;original location
            $aArray[$y][3] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 3) ;Size
            $aArray[$y][4] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 4) ;file type
            $aArray[$y][5] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 5) ;date modified
            $aArray[$y][6] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 6) ;date deleted
            $aArray[$y][7] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 7) ;date accessed?
            $aArray[$y][8] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 8) ;file attribs
            $aArray[$y][9] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 9) ;status
            $aArray[$y][10] = $objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objItem, 10) ;owner
            $y += 1
            ReDim $aArray[$y+1][15]
            $aArray[0][0] = UBound($aArray)-1
        Return $aArray
    Return SetError(1,0,$aArray)

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Looks very nice! Thanks.



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You could also add a repair function in there for when Windows messes it up.

I have not even thought about the code but here is the basics

For all Fixed drives

If Win 9x the the folder is 'Recycled' if its XP the folder is 'Recycler'

Remove the folders System Attrib

Deltree the folder

Force a restart

Presto! fixed


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