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Universal Clipboard

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I want to try something if its usefull in real life.

I am trying to make a Universal Clipboard so if i copied something to the clipboard i can paste in on a other machine.

For an example i made this simple code:


$file = FileOpen("D:\Test.txt", 1)
FileWriteLine($file, $Clipboard)

This put the info from the clipboard to a text file and i want to make a script wich reads this text file and put it back to the clipboard or paste it directly.

So on one pc i press alt+ctrl+c (hotkey) voor putting it in the text file, somewhere else i press alt+ctrl+v (also a hotkey) and it will paste the content of the text file.

So far so good if the text file has only one line, because if you use FileReadLine.


How can i read multiple lines and put them in the clipboard (ClipPut) like i orginally copied?

But how can i

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