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Tray Icon Question

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I've searched a little here and there.

Havn't really came up with anything.

What I Wanted to do is retrieve the weather off weather.com, which Im able to do.

#include <array.au3>
#include <file.au3>

$Code = "48313"
$File = _TempFile()

;Line 29
Func Weather()
INetGet("http://www.weather.com/weather/local/" & $Code, $File, -1, 0)
$Line = FileReadLine($File, 29)
$LineA = StringSplit($Line, "")
$Title = FileReadLine($File, 18)
;Get city and state name, 34 from left, 22 from the right
$CityNameA = StringTrimLeft($Title, 7);
$CityName = StringTrimRight($CityNameA, 22)
$Cur_Temperature = $LineA[38] & $LineA[39] & " °F"; Temperature 38, 39
$Cur_Hum = $LineA[52] & $LineA[53] & " %";Humidity 52, 53
$Cur_Wind = $LineA[67] & " MPH";Wind 67
ToolTip($CityName & @CRLF & "Temperature: " & $Cur_Temperature & @CRLF & "Humidity: " & $Cur_Hum & @CRLF & "Wind: " & $Cur_Wind, 0, 0)

While 1

My plan was to just have the temp. display as a tray tip icon. Then when you mouse over, it will show Humidity, wind etc. Is it possible to make a tray icon display text?

Any help in the right direction in doing something like this would be great.


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