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I wanted to know if there was a way to do like c++ and to include a image file inside a .exe (when compiling) so we can use it in that script without having to have the image in a directory or something...


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I was just going to post that in the AutoIt Feature Requests, but I did a search.. And I found yours, but I think its been asked before.. I will edit in a minute.

File Install to temp, file delete from temp :)
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FileInstall("blah.jpg", @TempDir & "\blah.jpg", 1) ; Install from script's dir to windows temp dir and overwrite if already exists
; The rest of your code here
FileDelete(@TempDir & "\blah.jpg") ; Delete the file before the script end

But why would people use that...if they need the image...and if it's in the script dir...just call it from the script dir...why installing it to temp???

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It's so simple. You use this trick if you don't want your users to see what the graphics of your script are.

In addition if you don't want even to alter them, you may use MD5 or other hashes to check either each file's integrity and so on.

If you don't see a reason to use such a thing, then don't. Use the classic way instead.

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