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Trying to copy a folder using UNC Path

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I can't seem to copy a folder properly. I am likely using the wrong path syntax. This is a test app.

$FolderPath = @UserProfileDir & "\Desktop\Chipset Drivers\*.*"
FileCopy ( "\\server\folder\folder\*.*", $FolderPath )
Run("Explorer.exe " & @UserProfileDir & "\Desktop\Chipset Drivers")
MsgBox(4096,"Variable test",$FolderPath)

The variable comes up with the right information, but it isn't copying the folder and all of its contents. It doesn't matter what path I put in there either. When the Explorer part runs, it says it can't find the folder, but even Beta Run does not show me any errors.

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from help:

; Method to copy a folder (with its contents)


FileCopy("C:\old\*.*", "C:\new\")

You neendn't the *.* when copying content.

so long,


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Be sure the target path exists (@UserProfileDir & "\Desktop\Chipset Drivers) or add to FileCopy flag 8 to create destination folder.

FileCopy ( "\\server\folder\folder\*.*", $FolderPath, 8)

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Yes this allowed my test to work. I won't be able to test it using real code until the next No-OS build comes through.

The actual code (which I removed) copies a folder over and runs a program, then deletes the folder afterwards. That may present problems in the future but we shall see.

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