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Traytip, recognize if it's been pressed

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Is it possible to make some sort of deal where if you click on the traytip, the click can be picked up and then say, set a variable. Maybe like how controls act in the GUI for OnEvent mode if using GuiCtrlSetOnEvent.

Dim $var = 1
While 1
    If $var Then
        TrayTip("Traytip","Click here to stop seeing this traytip.",5)

Func TraytipIsClicked()
    $var = 0
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I think Psalty's suggestion is for Tray Menus, not tips...

The problem I ran into with traytips is that WinGetTitle, WinGetText, and WinList aren't able to read any info about them. (Au3Info.exe does, though)

Also, there are dozens of traytip windows hiding, waiting to be shown by their parent programs.

The good news is that under normal circumstances, only one traytip is visible at any given time.

Using this information, you can tell when your traytip disappears and compare it to the amount of time you were expecting it to be shown.

I often needed tips to stay for 3~5 seconds, but the supported range is 10-30. (A limitation of Windows, not of AutoIt)

I wrote this a while ago because I wanted to see if a traytip is clicked, and I wanted greater control of the display time.

I just updated it with the new [CLASS:xxx] syntax:

If _TrayTipWait("Test", "Click Me", 5) Then
    MsgBox(0, "Result", "You Clicked it!")
    MsgBox(0, "Result", "Time's up!")

Func _TrayTipWait($s_TrayTitle, $s_TrayText, $i_TimeOut, $i_Option = 0)
    Local $i_PrevMatchMode = Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
    Local $i_StartTimer, $aWindows, $h_TrayTip, $b_Clicked = 0
    If $s_TrayText = "" Then
        TrayTip("", "", 30)
        $i_StartTimer = TimerInit()
        TrayTip($s_TrayTitle, $s_TrayText, 30, $i_Option)
        $aWindows = WinList("[CLASS:tooltips_class32]")
        For $iX = 1 To $aWindows[0][0]
            If BitAND(WinGetState($aWindows[$iX][1]), 2) Then
                $h_TrayTip = $aWindows[$iX][1]
        While BitAND(WinGetState($h_TrayTip), 2) And (TimerDiff($i_StartTimer) < (1000 * $i_TimeOut))
        If TimerDiff($i_StartTimer) < (1000 * $i_TimeOut) Then
            ConsoleWrite("Clicked at " & TimerDiff($i_StartTimer) & @CRLF)
            $b_Clicked = 1
            ConsoleWrite("Not Clicked, Elapsed: " & TimerDiff($i_StartTimer) & @CRLF)
            TrayTip("", "", 10)
            $b_Clicked = 0
    Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", $i_PrevMatchMode)
    Return $b_Clicked
EndFunc   ;==>_TrayTipWait

edit: Removed an unnecessary variable declaration

Edited by Skruge

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I just updated it with the new [CLASS:xxx] syntax:

Great UDF :), but there is some correction needed:

$aWindows = WinList("[CLASS:tooltips_class32]")
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otherwise you get the message imidiatly (that user has clicked).

Edit: or maybe this syntax is good in the new versions of AutoIt (higher then

Thanks, i definitly going to use this one!

Edited by MsCreatoR



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I think Psalty's suggestion is for Tray Menus, not tips...

Just so. I missed that the target was TrayTip.

I said it was a particularly good looking flightless waterfowl, not a very smart one... :">

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