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MS has released a new scripting powertoy

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I just saw this today on MS's website. Looks like they are trying to mke a all-in-1 tool for their scripting languages???

Windows PowerShell


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Did you try using RegRead or TCPStartUp? That should fix it.

Let me know if you need any further support.


I thought he needed a while loop, with a msg box.... like this :D

While 1
Msgbox (0, "Support", "This is a support forum, Please post a description of you problem, and any code that could help diagnose it...")

:D This should probably be in chat :)

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Cant wait to try out Windows PowerShell? If thats the case, first make sure that you download and install the RTM (release-to-manufacturing) version of .NET Framework 2.0. Note that, in some cases, .NET Framework 2.0 can conflict with applications that require .NET Framework 1.1; because of that, you might consider installing Windows PowerShell on a test computer.


WinClose("Windows PowerShell","Dependency Hell") :)

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