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Diana (Cda)

Error: "Error parsing function call".

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I have text that goes into the settings area in a freeware systray clock that I use. I'm moved around a lot and have noticed that each new computer I go to I must re-input the settings, so I thought to do an AI script for this. However, I get an "error parsing function call error" when I try to use it and don't know how to fix the problem.

My script is this:

; AutoIt v3.0

SoundPlay (@ScriptDir & "\WAVS\CAMERA.WAV")

ClipPut("yyyy.mm.dd.ddd., hh"h"nn (:ss)")


; finished

The error arrow shows up under the letter h between the quotes: "h".

Thanks! :)

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ClipPut('yyyy.mm.dd.ddd., hh"h"nn (:ss)')
Super! I knew it would be something that simple. What I did was use double quotes for the quotation marks themselves, which I seem to remember having to do in another software program,but it didn't work in AI. At any rate, this solution works great in AI. I'll have to remember that. To sub single quotes instead of double whenever this type of thing crops up. Thanks! :)

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