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Find SysTreeView32 in Window

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Hello, I am sure for the 1000's time asked, How do I find and identafy a SysTreeView32 in a window? I've been playing around with "_GUICtrlTreeViewGetTree" useing "Treeview Item Get Tree Example" and can not seem to get it. Also, I've been useing WinBatch for 10 years and just found AutoIT for the first time and REALY like what I see!!!!!!

Thanks Again,


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Look at ControlGetHandle()

Also look at Au3Info.exe tool

Thanks for your responce!!!

I've been working with both of those and still can not seem to figure it out. This is the code that I am working with:

$treeview = ControlGetHandle ( "TreeView Item Get Tree", "", "" )

;x = ControlGetHandle ( "", "", $treeview)

$x = _GUICtrlTreeViewGetTree($treeview, "\")

MsgBox(0, $treeview, $x, 20)

Thanks Again!


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Reread my first post - RTFM!!

$treeview = ControlGetHandle ( "TreeView Item Get Tree", "", "SysTreeView321" )
THANK YOU for your help, I am a hack by nature, meaning I will always try and figure something out for my self before reading a book or ASKING for someones help and it appears that AutoIT is not the most intuitive program. However. I do like AutoIT and will continue to learn it.

BTW: RTFM (Read The F??????? Message)?

Thanks Again


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I would also be interested in a simple example of how to interact with the systreeview of an explorer .

Something like this. I cannot get it to work.

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

$Debug_TV = False

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Quit")
; Get an explorer window open to C:\
If WinExists('[CLASS:ExploreWClass;Title:C:\]') Then
    $hWin = WinGetHandle('[CLASS:ExploreWClass;Title:C:\]')
    If Not WinExists('[CLASS:CabinetWClass;Title:C:\]') Then
        Run("Explorer.exe C:\")
    $hWin = WinGetHandle('[CLASS:CabinetWClass;Title:C:\]')

; Create folder view (SysTreeView321) if required
$hSTV1 = ControlGetHandle($hWin, "", "[CLASS:SysTreeView32;INSTANCE:1]") ; Folder explorer control
If $hSTV1 = "" Then
    ControlSend($hWin, "", "", "!x") ; View
    ControlSend($hWin, "", "", "o") ; Explorer
    ControlSend($hWin, "", "", "^{TAB}") ; Folder
    $hSTV1 = ControlGetHandle($hWin, "", "[CLASS:SysTreeView32;INSTANCE:1]") ; Folder explorer control

    ;$sText = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetText($hSTV1, _GUICtrlTreeView_GetFirstItem($hSTV1))
    ;ConsoleWrite("Debug: $sText = " & $sText & @LF)
    ConsoleWrite('1: ' & ControlTreeView ('', '', 30120, 'GetText', 2) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite('1: ' & ControlTreeView ('', '', 30120, 'Select', 2) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite(@error & @CRLF)


So long,


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