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Extended ANSI hotkey issue

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I want to input various characters into an Edit box. I wanted to use hotkeys similar to Microsoft Word so as not to confuse myself. So I tried HotKeySet ("^`", "gravea") which calls on a fuction which selects one of the vowels a, e, i, o, or u depending on the three keys pressed. This works for e, o & u but with the other vowels (a and i). I get SelectAll or the default windows hotkey for 'indent'. So then I thought I would change the ^ to ! (control changed to alt). Now the letter 'e' is a problem because it opens the Edit menu. So it appears that these hot keys will not work. I have tried to get around this problem in different ways. At the moment I am trying to get string replace to work for me

Func gravea()
    ;first backup the clipboard data
    $clip = ClipGet()
    ;this part looks like a problem because the control key is already pressed with the hotkey sequence. Hmm???
    $text = ClipGet()
    $text = StringReplace($text, "a", "à", 0, 1)
    $text = StringReplace($text, "e", "è", 0, 1)
    $text = StringReplace($text, "i", "ì", 0, 1)
    $text = StringReplace($text, "o", "ò", 0, 1)
    $text = StringReplace($text, "u", "ù", 0, 1)
    _GUICtrlEditReplaceSel($Edit_1, 1, $text)
    ;Return the clipboard data  

Anyway this particular function seems to work fine with the Right control key. But if the left control key is pressed then I get a sticky control key effect, rendering my computer inopperable and requiring a forced restart. I just noticed the possible cause as I typed this message (please see comments in code). I have searched the forum and am now getting a little tired of trying to fathom this out. I have tried to reset default hotkeys without success. I would like to know if anyone has tackled this problem or does anyone know of a better method (a working method) independant of what I have tried. Or can you see an obvious fix, either fool the right Control key into thinking it is the left control key (is there really a difference or is there something wrong with my keyboard or win2k pro opperating system) or can I clear default windows hotkeys temporarily while the program is running?

I hope this is clear. :P

EDIT: I should explain. At first, I tried sending characters to the Ediit box. I switched to the string replace method which requires the letters first to be selected and then altered. I actually don't care which method is used so long as it is not too complicated for the user.

On reflection perhaps there is an issue with the opperating system. But I would like the application to run on both Win2k and xp. Oh, and Vista when they finish it.

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