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I'm back :P,

Well this time i want to make a screenshot from the uper right corner without the black underground.

#include <A3LScreenCap.au3>
$file_screenshot = "d:\picture.jpg"

                _ScreenCap_Capture($file_screenshot, 0, 0, 900, 800)
                if @error then MsgBox(0,"Error!","Something is wrong with taking the screenshot")oÝ÷ Øhض+Z)¨­æ§wbè°jËj·!x"q©¶aÆ®¶­seõ67&VVä6ô6GW&Rb33c¶fÆU÷67&VVç6÷BÂÂÂÂÄdÅ4R

What is the point of the FALSE? And is there any documentation about the A3L

Tnx in advance,

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Well, to answer your question, the Last parameter (FALSE) is to capture the mouse cursor in the image (TRUE/FALSE) In the AutoIt directory under the start menu should be a help file called Au3LibHelpFile.au3 (Or something similar). To show you all the functions and documentation to the AU3 Lib. :P

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