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I was in the process of updating Uninstall Apps when I came across some strange behavior. If the file passed to _GUIImageList_AddIcon does not contain an icon, I get an error message "_GUIImageList_AddIcon: -1", then the script exits. If this is the expected behavior, how can I test the file for an icon before calling _GUIImageList_AddIcon?

#include <GUIImageList.au3>

$sDLL = @WindowsDir & "\system32\kernel32.dll"
If Not FileExists($sDLL) Then
    MsgBox(64, "Error", "The specified file does not exist.")

$hImages = _GUIImageList_Create(16, 16)
$iReturn = _GUIImageList_AddIcon($hImages, $sDLL, 0)
MsgBox(0, "", "We never get here.")

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