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need urgent help! GUI question : Input box

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I need help, I have the follwoing lines:

while 1
$part4 = InputBox ("Strings","Please enter string to sent to magic")
$oInter=ObjCreate ("InterExe.Interface")

while pressing on the "X" button to close the "inputbox" messagebox it does not close it and terminate it. how can it be done? I try to look at the GUI but there is no reference to "inputbox". any idea?

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$part4 = InputBox("Strings", "Please enter string to sent to magic")

IF @error then ExitLoop

So long,


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I'm not sure what u need but check this example

$UserInput = "test"

While 1
$answer = InputBox("Info is Required", "Please Input Your Access code.", "", "*")
If @error = 1 Then
    MsgBox (-1,"test" , "you pressed Cancel"&@CRLF&"Now Exiting")
ElseIf $answer = $UserInput Then
    MsgBox (-1,"test","you typed test" & @crlf & "now Exiting",3)
ElseIf $answer <> $UserInput Then
    MsgBox (-1, "test", "you have entered the wrong password")


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