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howto recognize a kill signal?

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can autoit3 scripts recognize, when they get a signal to terminate, either by user action, another program or a windows shutdown?

I'd like to be able to do cleanup actions (write a final line to log file with reason, date+time of script termination) or to interrupt a triggered windows shutdown ("do you really want to shutdown your windows?")

Thanks for any suggestions,


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OnAutoItExit ()

So long,


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thanks for your reply.

OnAutoItExit ()

I did read it but missed it's functionality. (thought it's about setting something like exitcode, my fault)

May I ask for the functionality?

0 Natural closing.

The script simply reached the last line of it's code?

1 close by Exit function.

there was a line reached doing an "EXIT" in the script

2 close by clicking on exit of the systray.

Only when clicking exit on the systray?

3 close by user logoff.

well, logoff

4 close by Windows shutdown.

Do you know what happens, when another script sends a winclose or a winkill, kill.exe is used or "end task" from task manager?

And how to write a autoit script some type of "hardened", so that it will *NOT* simply follow such requests, but pop up a dialog asking "do you really ...?" with an option to stop the "Sender" doing it's kill? e.g. some AV solutions can do so when an update is currently running to prevent a resulting status with a non operational AV scanner.

Regards, Rudi.

Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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Just test it for yourself. Run this in SciTE:

While 1

Func OnAutoItExit()
    ConsoleWrite("Debug: OnAutoItExit: @ExitCode = " & @exitCode & "  @ExitMethod = " & @exitMethod & @LF)

Then kill it however you wish. If you remove the While loop, so there is no code but the one function, it exits with "@ExitCode = 0 @ExitMethod = 0".

Replace the While loop with just Exit, and you get "@ExitCode = 0 @ExitMethod = 1".

Running the While loop, and using Exit on the TrayIcon gets "@ExitCode = 0 @ExitMethod = 2".

Killing AutoIt3.exe from TaskManager results in a return of 2, but the function doesn't execute at all.

...etc., etc., test the method you are interested in.


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You may find this to be of some interest:


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