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Finding the newest file in a directory?

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In my code I'm trying to locate the name of the newest file in a directory. Below is the code I'm using, whats strange is while stepping thru the array the while loop will stop expanding the array but will still step to the next file and continues to the end of the directory but will not place the data into the array element. The array stops expanding after the 11th file. Am I not initializing the array properly? Do you have a better/shorter way to do this.

$arg argument is a directory path. It seems like the while loop stops doing the Redim $array after the 11th pass so the array stops expanding but continues to loop through the file names.

This is the code.

Func _GetNewestFile($arg)

If StringRight($arg, 1) <> '\' Then $arg &= '\' ;search path should in a \ if not add it

Local $first = FileFindFirstFile($arg & '*.*'), $array[1], $hold, $ret, $split ;locates the first file and inits some vars

While 1

$found = FileFindNextFile($first)

If @error Then ExitLoop

If StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($arg & $found), 'D') Then ContinueLoop ;skips directories

$array[uBound($array) - 1] = FileGetTime($arg & $found, 1, 1) & '|' & $arg & $found ;places file time and path in last array element

ReDim $array[uBound($array) + 1] ; expands array by one


For $items In $array

$split = StringSplit($items, '|')

If $split[1] > $hold Then

$hold = $split[1]

$ret = $split[2]

ElseIf $split[1] = $hold Then




Return $ret


Thanks for any help.

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Hi, try this func:

$NewsetFileName = _GetNewestFileName(@ScriptDir, 0)

MsgBox(64, "Results", "Newest File Name (Modified): " & $NewsetFileName)

Func _GetNewestFileName($sPath, $iMode=0) ;$iMode is the "Option" parameter for the FileGetTime() function.
    Local $sNewestFile = ""
    Local $sNextFile, $iNewsetFileSize, $iCurrentFileSize
    Local $hSearch = FileFindFirstFile($sPath & "\*.*")
    If $hSearch = -1 Then Return SetError(1, 0, -1)
    While 1
        $sNextFile = FileFindNextFile($hSearch)
        If @error Then ExitLoop
        If StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($sPath & "\" & $sNextFile), "D") Then ContinueLoop
        $iNewsetFileSize = FileGetTime($sPath & "\" & $sNewestFile, $iMode, 1)
        $iCurrentFileSize = FileGetTime($sPath & "\" & $sNextFile, $iMode, 1)
        If $sNewestFile = "" Or $iCurrentFileSize > $iNewsetFileSize Then $sNewestFile = $sNextFile
    Return $sNewestFile
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Hi guys!

Example from MsCreatoR nice, but if folder contain very many files, then better use a DIR command.

$GetNewFile = _GetNewestFile(@ScriptDir, 0) ;second param - 0 = Modified, 1 = Created, 2 = Accessed
MsgBox(0, "Newest file is ", $GetNewFile)

Func _GetNewestFile($sPath = @ScriptDir, $sOption = 0)
    Local $iDir, $iReadOut, $ShortPath
    Switch $sOption
    Case 0
        $sOption = "w"
    Case 1
        $sOption = "c"
    Case 2
        $sOption = "a"
    $ShortPath = FileGetShortName($sPath)
    $iDir = Run(@ComSpec & " /c dir " & $ShortPath & " /a:-d /b /o:-d /t:" & $sOption, "", @SW_HIDE, 2 + 4)
    $iReadOut = StdoutRead($iDir)
    Return $sPath &"\"& $iReadOut


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