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LOTRO - HotKeySet (problem)

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HotKeySet("X" , "Miner")

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Quit") ;So we be able to exit from the loop

Func Miner()


;Do here whatever you need wink.gif

ConsoleWrite("Just a notification from Miner :) " & @LF)


While 1



Func Quit()



Realy simple script I don't want to bot or anything just want to hit !U! well X and have it hop off my horse SHIFT 1 target the mine {delete} and actualy mine u & hop back on.. minings boring enough just want it to stop hurting my wrists.

problem is it works everywhere (but) in lotro where I want it to work.. this a D3D/Direct3D/DirectX problem? I to RTFM but only found some obscure stuff about problems (nothing specific) with D3D..

anyways any and all help appreciated.. send yer flames to support@microsoft.com though..

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not really shure what is your problem but the uppercase & lowercase letters are important so try replacing HotKeySet("X" , "Miner") with HotKeySet("x" , "Miner")

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HotkeySet doesn't work in LOTRO, I've tried. I think LOTRO locks all the keys for itself. You can still do key sends but as far as any hotkey command, it doesn't work

The only way to call functions in LOTRO that I've found is a bit complicated, but since I've already developed my own 5000 line lotro bot I had all the functions ready.

The general gist is:

Use a log parser(I can send you mine if you are interested)

Have the parser continually search for a key phrase. When that key phrase is given, call a function

Then make a hotkey to say the key phrase

I.E. I have a hotkey that sends myself a tell of: "killgroupmob" (SoandSo tells you "killgroupmob")

My parser continually checks for the phrase killgroupmob using a stringinstr function. If its detected it calls a function that automates a bunch of commands.

If you are interested in the log parser (which is just a stripped down version of my bot) I can send it to you.

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