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I need help deciding weither to use my Auto Relogger for WoW so that it either selects a REGION of the wow screen, perhaps from a already posted picture say in /images in my program/scripts directory so that it looks for the IMAGE itself, rather then using pixelsearch. I don't even know if this is possible, but I'm trying to find out if I have to use pixelsearch or if I could just make it so that I provide pictures, and my script searches for the exact pixels inside the image. If not, how do I use pixelsearch so that I could select a larger region of pixels instead of just 1, that way i don't have my relogger clicking on multiple pixels in the wrong regions.



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with autoit you can only click on 1 pixel or get pixel coordinates

you cannot compare pictures directly

also you can see if certain region on the screen has changed or not

you can compare pixels ( for example if on picture 1 you find 100 pixels at certain random coordinates & on picture 2 you find same pixels at same coords = vuala its same picture )

I guess this is all you can do with autoit

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that actually sounds like what I'm trying to accomplish, say I search for the characters hearthstone on a toolbar, and if it finds it it changes the WoW Title to "World of Warcraft - Online" instead of just "World of Warcraft". and Vice versa for "World of Warcraft - Offline"

Following me?

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