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well here we goes


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with a script in uncompiled form, you can keep some of your functions in a seperate script / text file. similar to how a UDF works. like for example if i had a file called text.txt and in this file i had wriiten

Func TestFunction()
MsgBox(0, "", Hello.  This is just a test")

now if i had a seperate .au3 script that called that function, and i wrote #Include "text.txt" like this example

#Include "Text.txt"


now i can make use of the function in my seperate file.

and if you were to compile the main script, the Text.txt function would be included into my script.

this making the compiled script a standalone .exe

but, what i want to do is have a script that includes a file similar to Text.txt in my example above, but without including it in the script once compiled. I would like the newly compiled script to still reference to a text file from which the functions could be edited in at a later time.

very similar to how it can reference the text.txt in uncompiled form.

ofcourse, if the file was not existing, there would be a problem, but lets just assume i will always have it right there.

i thought of just using like fileread or iniread but then i soon realized it wouldn't work for the functions properly.


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I think that might just work.

just wish my autoit helpfile had a better example for executing functions.

i am going to search for an example of execute, i believe the answer is somewhere located in this function.



Edit: i spelled helpfile wrong. :D

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So basically what you want(in the long run) is to define a function, after that the script is run, at run-time ?

well, the function could be defined previous to running the script.

but also edited during running yes.

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Well you can't really "edit" a function after it has been run.

You can modify how/what the script executes/does, but not modify the function after runtime...

Only way to do that would be to write the code of the function to a .au3 file, then run that script with the AutoIt commandline parameters...

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I think he wants to be able change the function (in external module or something) even after the script is compiled...


You can write the needed functions and they execution to some file (module), for example «External_UDFs.fnc»:


If $CmdLine[0] = 0 Then Exit ;We need at least 1 command line

;Collecting parameters
$sParams = ""

For $i = 2 To $CmdLine[0]
    $sParams &= $CmdLine[$i] & "|"

$sParams = StringTrimRight($sParams, 1)

Call($CmdLine[1], $sParams)

;==== UDFs Part ====

Func Some_UDF($sParams)
    Local $iRet = MsgBox(36, "Question", $sParams)
EndFuncoÝ÷ Ø Ý¶§Ê«r©W±Êâ¦Ü"Yh¢K,¢g­)à)¶¬jëh×6Global $sUDFs_Module = @ScriptDir & "\External_UDFs.fnc"

$vRet = _ExecuteExternalFunc("Some_UDF", "test")

MsgBox(64, "", "Returned Message from ExternalFunc: " & $vRet)

Func _ExecuteExternalFunc($sFuncName, $sParams="")
    Local $iPID = Run(@AutoItExe & ' /AutoIt3ExecuteScript "' & $sUDFs_Module & '" ' & $sFuncName & ' ' & $sParams, '', '', 2 + 4)
    Local $sStdOutRead = ""
    While ProcessExists($iPID)
        $sStdOutRead &= StdoutRead($iPID)
    Return $sStdOutRead
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