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getting unsigned from _Date_Time_GetTimeZoneInformation()... pleae help!

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Hi, I'm using

this code:

Local $tzInfoArray = _Date_Time_GetTimeZoneInformation()

    MsgBox(0, "", $tzInfoArray[1])

In EST, I get a value of 300... which is minutes, so that is correct.

If I switch to Amsterdam Time, I get 4294967236 instead of a negative number. I really need this negative number, how can I convert this unsigned value to a signed value?

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This should work:

Functions found here: http://www.activevb.de/tipps/vb6tipps/tipp0557.html

Const $OFFSET_4 = 4294967296
Const $MAXINT_4 = 2147483647
Const $OFFSET_2 = 65536
Const $MAXINT_2 = 32767

Func UnsignedToLong($value)
    If $Value < 0 Or $Value >= $OFFSET_4 Then Return SetError( 6) ;' Overflow
    If $Value <= $MAXINT_4 Then
        Return $Value
        Return $Value - $OFFSET_4

Func LongToUnsigned($Value)
    If $Value < 0 Then
        Return $Value + $OFFSET_4
        $LongToUnsigned = $Value

;Example: 4294967236 -> -60
MsgBox(0, '', UnsignedToLong(4294967236))

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