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... need also help with translating VB code !

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I can't figure out how to translate this VB code into AutoIt ... :D

So, please, could somebody help me to understand what I have to do with this script below ?

Public Function MAKEINTRESOURCE(ByVal lID As Long) As String
End Function

Public Function LOWORD(ByVal dwValue As Long) As Long
    Call CopyMemory(LOWORD, dwValue, 2)
End Function

Public Function MAKELONG(ByVal wLow As Long, ByVal wHi As Long) As Long
    If (wHi And &H8000&) Then
        MAKELONG = (((wHi And &H7FFF&) * 65536) Or (wLow And &HFFFF&)) Or &H80000000
        MAKELONG = LOWORD(wLow) Or (&H10000 * LOWORD(wHi))
    End If
End Function

I need to create a MAKEINTRESOURCE Macro/Function ...



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Lokk at _WINAPI_LoWord, _WinAPI_MakeLong


If Not StringIsDigit($int) THen Return SetError(1,0,"") ; If $int has other Chars than 0-9
Return "#" & Number($int) ; Return # and delete leading zeros from $int

*GERMAN* [note: you are not allowed to remove author / modified info from my UDFs]My UDFs:[_SetImageBinaryToCtrl] [_TaskDialog] [AutoItObject] [Animated GIF (GDI+)] [ClipPut for Image] [FreeImage] [GDI32 UDFs] [GDIPlus Progressbar] [Hotkey-Selector] [Multiline Inputbox] [MySQL without ODBC] [RichEdit UDFs] [SpeechAPI Example] [WinHTTP]UDFs included in AutoIt: FTP_Ex (as FTPEx), _WinAPI_SetLayeredWindowAttributes

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