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Say to server I clickked a link

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I was wondering how to tell server i clicked the link without using browser. See a site is counting how many times I click the link www.site.com/click. I can do this with browser, but it will take long, because I will need to create IE, click the link, close IE & repeat, & this is taking ages. (No I cant use IEnavigate, it has never worked...& it will still be slow)

I have this code that can get the page source & this is the fastest way to get the source I know & its not using IE. So i was wondering, if im on the right track to mod this code to tell server I clicked the link?

;~ Tis is will get page source code & will put it to array
    ;Will this do the job?
    $oHTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
    $HTMLSource = $oHTTP.Responsetext

    $_Arrayline = StringSplit($HTMLSource, @LF) ; this is the Array $_Arrayline

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