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Help with a mouse cursor question

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Hello guys and gals.

I'm kinda new to all this scripting and especially autoit.

Well I started out easy and made a simple script for foraging in a game called Star Wars Galaxies.

Script below:

;StarWarsGalaxies Forager Version 2 with Auto Delete



$i = 0


If WinActive( "Star Wars Galaxies", "" ) Then

Send("{w down}") ;Walk Forward

Sleep ("1000")

MouseClick ( "right" , 392, 627, 1 ) ;Right Click Space where they go into inventory


send("{2 down}") ;once Right clicked this 2 deletes all enzymes

send("{2 up}")


MouseClick ( "left" , 463, 629, 1 ) ;If not an Enzyme this closes Data Disk Info Close Screen -X-


Sleep ("100")

MouseClickDrag ( "left" , 392, 627, 328, 627, 1) ;Drag map to backpack (mapx,mapy,backpackx,backpacky)


Send("{w up}") ;Stop Walking forward


Send("{n down}") ;Created a /forage macro and mapped it to N, this triggers forage macro /forage

Send("{n up}")



Until $i = 1

And it works well.

After a couple of hours sitting and watching TV cause the script uses my mouse, I set myself up to see if I could find someone to answer a question for me.

Which lead me to this forum.

I'm running Star Wars Galaxies in a window that is 1024X7xx, If that should be of any help.

Well my question is:

If it's possible to make the script or editing in options so I can use my mouse, while the script is running in the background, so I can surf on the internet, watch a movie or do other things?

As it is right now it uses my mouse, so I cant do one of the above things or anything at all other than watch it.

Thanks in advance and Regards


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you cant do that. It is not possible.

Edited by goldenix

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There may be another way.. I'm not sure if this will work for a game, but at work I had this problem, and got around it by using SendMessage. Control & _GuiCtrl_ functions didn't work properly with the program I needed to automate, and I didn't want to use MouseClick and Send, because it was just too unreliable. So I spent some time figuring out what messages were being sent to the window and controls with Winspector (Google it). Then, after some trial and error, I was able to do everything I needed with a bunch of SendMessages.

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