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Is there any way ...

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Is there any way to hide a tray menu/item?

I mean you can basically do everything else besides that with them :\

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated :)

Example code (so you can quickly work with it.)

Opt('TrayMenuMode', 1)

$Test = TrayCreateItem('Test')
TrayItemSetState($Test , ... ) ;something to hide to control

HotKeySet("{ESC}", 'ExitT')

While 1

Func ExitT()

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TrayItemSetState($Test ,@SW_HIDE) eh ?

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Doesn't work, i've tried it.

I've also tried using $GUI_HIDE but it just doesn't seem to work :\

Opt("TrayIconHide",1) ?

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The native Tray icon stuff only effects the AuotIt icon, not those of other programs. But the System Tray is just a toolbar with buttons and responds nicely to the UDFs. Demo is here.


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