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I am looking to improve my script log file function. This function is quite basic and simply does the following

$Logfile = "Testscript.log"

$WorkingLogFile = FileOpen ("c:\YMpkg\Logs\" & $LogFile , 2)

I then send messages to the log file in the following way.

FileWriteLine($WorkingLogFile, $Time)

FileWriteLine($WorkingLogFile, $date)

FileWriteLine($WorkingLogFile, "....Starting installation function")

Etc ...

The issue with this is if the script falls over and terminates or the user / OS kills the process the log file will be empty. I can get around this by writing a function that opens and closes the logfile for each message but I fiure this isnt very efficient and there must be a better way to do this...

Any ideas appreciated....

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Thanks ...

Works a treat... Give yourself a pat on the back and I will slp myself for not finding this in the help file ...

Many Thanks

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