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now YES i understand this might not be suitable for all situations because it requires internet access to work.

however if you wish to use MD5 to hash objects, text, passwords, files, or anythign else being sent over the internet(as a connection is already required)

[i created this because i need it for a similar thing] this could come in usefull


;$stext = the text to be encrypted with MD5
;Author: Zach Litzinger

func _MD5($stext)
    $s_url = "http://notmyspace.info/messenger/md5.php?text="&$stext
    $s_header = ''
    Local $h_DLL = DllOpen("wininet.dll")

    Local $ai_IRF, $md5 = ''

    Local $ai_IO = DllCall($h_DLL, 'int', 'InternetOpen', 'str', "AutoIt v3", 'int', 0, 'int', 0, 'int', 0, 'int', 0)
    If @error Or $ai_IO[0] = 0 Then
        Return ""

    Local $ai_IOU = DllCall($h_DLL, 'int', 'InternetOpenUrl', 'int', $ai_IO[0], 'str', $s_URL, 'str', $s_Header, 'int', StringLen($s_Header), 'int', 0x80000000, 'int', 0)
    If @error Or $ai_IOU[0] = 0 Then
        DllCall($h_DLL, 'int', 'InternetCloseHandle', 'int', $ai_IO[0])
        Return ""

    Local $v_Struct = DllStructCreate('udword')
    DllStructSetData($v_Struct, 1, 1)

    While DllStructGetData($v_Struct, 1) <> 0
        $ai_IRF = DllCall($h_DLL, 'int', 'InternetReadFile', 'int', $ai_IOU[0], 'str', '', 'int', 256, 'ptr', DllStructGetPtr($v_Struct))
        $md5 &= StringLeft($ai_IRF[2], DllStructGetData($v_Struct, 1))

    DllCall($h_DLL, 'int', 'InternetCloseHandle', 'int', $ai_IOU[0])
    DllCall($h_DLL, 'int', 'InternetCloseHandle', 'int', $ai_IO[0])
    Return $md5

EndFuncoÝ÷ ÙìZ^jëh×6MsgBox(64, "MD5", _MD5("Hello World"))
Edited by emoyasha


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