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Changing Access Database Password

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I can't create a topic in the appropriate section (???), so I try here.

This very simple function change the password of an Ms Access Database (tested with access 2000 and access 2002) using DAO 3.6.

I'm new to AutoIt, so there are no proper error handling or return code (and correct English).

; Example : Define a password on the database

; Example : Change the password on the database

; Example : reset the password on the database

; Change Access Database Password
; The Database must be close by all others applications, because we have to open it in 
; Exclusive mode
; Parameters :
;(1-i.) Complete Path to the database
;(2-i.) Old Password ("" if no password was defined)
;(3-i.) New Password ("" for no password)

; Return     : -
Func DBChangePassword($pDBPath, $pOldPswd, $pNewPswd)
    ;>) Create the "DB Engine", we must specifie the version
    $dbEng = ObjCreate("DAO.DBEngine.36")
    ;>) Open database in Exclusive mode
    $db = $dbEng.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase($pDBPath,True, False, ";pwd=" & $pOldPswd)
    ;>) Set the new password
    $db.NewPassword($pOldPswd, $pNewPswd)
    ;>) Close the Database

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If you were trying to post in the example scripts forum you have to be a full member. Post a little more then you can or you can ask a mod/admin to move it there for you.

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