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Reading version from server

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Hello there. i have one problem.

Today i tryed to make something like updater for 1 game.

This game has many ini files that are in other folders. There are 3 main folders.

The folders are :




And in each of this folders are more folders with files.

I have a server with same folders. Now i need a script to check files on my server and compare it with files in game folder.

If there any files that are not same size then updater should download last updated file from my server and replace it with old one.

The question is how to do it. I tryed to search but i found nothing. All what i found were how to update just one file form inet.

This is what i got :

This code should read links from ini to every file on server and then compare size with current one but i cant get it work =(

Func _Check()
InetGet("http://myfileurl/check.ini", @TempDir & "\check.ini")
Local $File = @TempDir & "\check.ini"

$Var = IniReadSection($File, "Update")
for $i = 1 To $Var[0][0]
    $Onlinesize = InetGetSize($Var[$i][1])
    $Currentsize = FileGetSize($Path & "\Data\" & $Var[$i][1]
    If Not $OnlineSize = $Currentsize Then
        InetGet($Var[$i][$1], $Path & "\Data\" & $Var[$i][1])

InI File check.ini :

Key1 = http://mysite/file.ini
Key2 = http://mystie/file2.ini


P.s sry for bad english.

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You really should have a more descriptive title. Try changing it to something like "Reading version from server" or something. Also this has been asked before with a few solutions. Search a bit deeper.

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Well. I cant find anythin in search thats why i posted it here.

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