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This is pretty much my first Example script in all the time i've been on this forum :mellow: So hope it goes down well

So basicly it just logs all String values that have been coped to the clipboard.

The clip entrys are then saved to an ini file along with a time stamp

Global Const $sLogFile = @ScriptDir & "\ClipLogger.ini" ;File to save the information to
Global $sLastClip = ""                                  ;a record of the previous clipboard entry

While Sleep(250)

;Checks to see if there has been a new clipboard entry.
Func _CheckClipboard()
    Local $sCurrentClip = ClipGet()
    If Not $sCurrentClip Then Return 0
    If $sCurrentClip <> $sLastClip Then
        $sLastClip = $sCurrentClip
EndFunc   ;==>_CheckClipboard

;Adds the clip entry to the file
Func _AddToLog($sValue)
    Local $hFile = FileOpen($sLogFile, 1)
    FileWriteLine($hFile, _Time() & " " & $sValue)
EndFunc   ;==>_AddToLog

;Returns the current time in HH:MM:SS format
Func _Time()
    Return @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & ":" & @SEC
EndFunc   ;==>_Time

;Reduce the memory used up by the script
;Thanks to jftuga for the idea behind this function
Func _ReduceMemory()
    Local $ai_Return = DllCall("psapi.dll", 'int', 'EmptyWorkingSet', 'long', -1)
EndFunc   ;==>_ReduceMemory


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this is pretty cool..

altough.. Why would you want to use this?

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You can use this function _FileWriteLog().

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There is a way to get notified when the clipboard changes. If you incorporate that it would be more impressive.

It is some function like SetClipboardViewer or some crap like that. Google it and play.


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